Collected Memory

Collected Memory is a physical platform of sculptural, participatory installations that are made of recycled brass and paper. The predesigned papers function as an archive of participants’ individual experiences. Everyone can contribute by answering given questions to the different installations. The contributors can write down their answers and place them into the work. On this page, you can read some of the answers.

Here you can also find statements from cultural sociologist Emilia Van Hauen, Curator, art critic, artistic director, and director of institutions, Jérôme Sans and Inspektør at Horsens kunstmuseum, Julie Horne Møller about the artwork, Collected Memory. 



  • Emilia Van Hauen, cultural sociologist

    Without the others, we’re nobody. So concisely can mankind’s history be penned. For without the community, the individual does not exist

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  • Jérôme Sans, artistic director

    Collected Memory finds a very strong relevance in the current context of the 21st century marked by the obsessive return of the figure of the social body, the collective body in the post-covid era.

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  • Julie Horne Møller, Inspector at Horsens kunstmuseum

    The work can be regarded as both: an aesthetic work of art, a sculpture, but it can also be experienced as a living, vibrating archive of human memories and memories that manages to create and facilitate connections between people.

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