Collected Memory is a physical platform of sculptural, participatory installations that are made of recycled brass and paper. The artwork is a large-scale standing metal structure that is filled with folded tactile Asian paper qualities like tissue paper and parchment dyed in pigments. The predesigned papers function as an archive of participants’ individual experiences.

The contributors can write down their vision, fold the paper, and put it back into the work. However, it is also possible to interact with the artwork online. The contributions are saved physically, as well as in a digital databank where people from all over the world can access, and thus can be used to create a shared archive of or individual experiences. 

Collected Memory is an interactive installation series that premiered at the UN sustainability summit in New York on July 20. Afterwhich, Collected Memory continues to museums and exhibition spaces all over the world. The databank with individual experiences will continuously expand as the artwork takes shape and reaches a larger and larger audience. 

The plan is for the collected data to be used in G20’s inspiration bank.