Untitled Memorial Site (not yet realised)

A central theme in my ongoing series 'Collected Memory' is remembrance. In this series, the audience actively engages with the art by writing on the paper sheets that constitute the work, sharing their hopes and dreams for the future. This work is a creation of the audience, for the audience, a diary of the world. I intend to apply the same approach to a memorial installation. The memorial won't be a traditional statue on a pedestal, singling out specific individuals or ideas, but a celebration of vulnerability in sharing thoughts and emotions with others.

My vision for this project is to draw on my experience in creating spaces for contemplation. I don't aim to depict or interpret a specific incident. Instead, I want to create a vessel for the myriad of emotions evoked by various events, using the voices of those affected. This memorial should be designed on the people's terms, maintaining community and personal narratives rather than an exclusive 'official narrative.' It should be an open, undefined framework primarily for the directly affected and their authentic voices. 

My motivation for this project also comes from a traumatic personal loss that has significantly shaped my life and career. It's focused on exploring memory, loss, and the impact of survival on identity. The project's core objective is to establish a vibrant memorial space where survivors and the community collectively process their experiences.

'Collected Memories' not only serves as a place of remembrance but as a community actively engaged in forming and processing memories. It offers a physical, open-air environment where those affected by various events can find solace and understanding.

What sets this project apart is its focus on preserving the diverse emotions of those directly impacted by traumatic events. The project places particular emphasis on trauma treatment and bridges the personal and the collective, fostering both physical and psychological healing. The memorial is an ever-expanding space for stories, emotions, and thoughts. It provides a platform for sharing, listening, and healing.

This project also embodies the fusion of opposing elements, aligning with my artistic style. It symbolizes the human aspect by respectfully integrating names both underground and above, allowing individuals to share their experiences. 'Collected Memories' redefines traditional memorials, offering a space for mourning, healing, and understanding. It mirrors the evolving nature of our times, fostering empathy and recognizing the collective human experience.