Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, Aalborg

Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud is the latest work in the series Collected Memory and part of the exhibition Work It Out! at Kunsten in Aalborg. Accessable from 24th of Septemper 2021 to 16th of January 2022

Humanness: inner studies in a collective cloud is an interactive artwork in continuation of the Collected Memory series. This artwork is centered on questions of identity, the workplace and our role in the digital era. The work is part of the exhibition Work It Out! at Kunsten Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg.

Work it out! Is the winner of the prestigious Bikubens Vision Award 2018. The exhibition is about the future of modern work-life, and how art can contribute to new and improved ways of thinking and working. 


Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud speaks to the highly relevant term The Extreme Self, which describes the time we're in, where acceleration accelerates (or, pro acceleration). This new cultural territory, which includes both data monitoring and collection, has made concepts such as Big Data, Cloud computing and doxingpart of our common language. And the large amounts of data that are collected has made our attention a commodity in itself. In this context, Mille Kalsmose with her work Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloudoffers a space and a method for deceleration, i.e. the opposite of proacceleration, which can be achieved through a strengthening of our relationship to each other and an awareness of the structures, that results in the high speed of the times,which can be difficult to keep up with. 
In the exhibition Work it Out!art is used as a reflection of our working life, but art also has a unique potential in terms of influencing and changing existing structures in both our private and working life. And perhaps art and companies can even work together to form new communities and foster creativity, thereby contributing to well-being and a more stellar organization.


"I believe that we, as humans, are made of a particular set of data, consisting of particles, that are constantly in flux. If this is correct, then we are living algorithms, and algorithms can be rewritten. Because I wasn’t brought into this world with the algorithm of my dreams, I try to find the way to optimize, and rewrite, myself, so I can become a programme that indpires other programmes to find their dream algorithm." - Mille Kalsmose

Set on a dramatic and visually striking stage, Humanness: Inner Studies in a Collective Cloud explores through archives, physically and digitally, how we live in a dual existence of both of these worlds. The participants are the driving force in creating meaning and matter in the artwork, where they write their intentions on one of the thousands of individually folded papers in the archive, or participate from anywhere in the world, online through a link. The statements will flow through the screens put up at the site, and permanently stored in the digital archive of, a global platform of individual voices. 


“If you were bound to live an infinite number of lives, what experiences do you want create and bring with you?”) 


If you were bound to live an infinite number of lives, what experiences do you want to create and bring with you?

Kærlighed, frihed, omsorg og eventyr
Be happy and helpsome
I would like to live my life for myself, to travel where I wanna travel, to love who I wanna love
Not being bound to fear, anxiety or hate
Jeg vil tage alt det jeg elsker med mig
There should always be music
Be present
Livet bliver ikke nemmere, du bliver stærkere
Jeg vil starte på en frisk hver gang
Lev et liv fyldt med kærlighed
Smile Laugh Love
Venner og familie og min bamse
To see everything this world has to offer
Opportunities to learn and seeking knowledge
Størst af alt er kærlighed
Jeg vil gøre mig umage med livet
Skabe et liv med frihed, kærlighed og ro
To always live in the present
Breathe deeper more often
To love and to be loved
Husk at se det positive
Finde ro i kroppen, og i det du gør og har
Jeg vil elske verden
Imorgen er der også en dag
Leve modigt, kærligt og ærligt
Lev livet selv om der er modstand
Live a happy life
Jeg vil tage min familie med
Jeg vil lave en masse fejl og lære af dem
Jeg vil ikke bruge tid på at være i fortiden
Frihed og Kærlighed
Just be me
Jeg vil være sød mod andre, behandle folk med respekt og have et dyr at passe godt på
Sæt grænser
Hvordan man bedst muligt beskytter klimaet samtidig med den moderne udvikling
Skab gode relationer
At være lykkelig og medmenneskelig
Være nysgerrig
Build connections with people
Minde mig selv om hvad jeg er og står for. Jeg vil holde fast i mit indre værdisæt. Tro på egne evner og viljestyrke.
To be happy is to do what you want!
I want to live in the books I read and write
Jeg vil lære at være et godt menneske, at være tålmodig, venlig og overbærende
Jeg vil gerne have min søster med
Hvile i mig selv
Bo et sted med god energi
Opsøge miljøer hvor jeg kan gro og blomstre
Leve livet som var det et eventyr
Tage flere chancer og handle spontant
Take things less seriously, and enjoy more
Give myself permission to be human
Nyde hverdagens små glæder
Be receptive to change and the unexpected
Bruge mere tid på at lære
Move through the world more deliberately
Gøre hverdagen til en leg
Have det sjovt
Live in the moment
Holde fast i mit indre barn
Ikke være bange for at overtræde mine egne grænser
Fokusere på at nedbryde illusion om seperation og mangel