Collected Memory
at Politikens Forhal

The exhibition Collected Memory at Politiken's Forhal and at Politiken's light newspaper at (City Town Hall Square) Rådhuspladsen, Nørreport, Vesterport and Hans Knudsens Plads, is publicly accessable From 20 Aug.-24 Oct. 2020.

The Individual, the Common and the Universal United

They emerge as social spaces visual artist Mille Kalsmose's works exist first and foremost in the encounter with art.

Based on the artist's own personal narrative of loneliness, failure, and powerlessness, 'Collected Memory' relates to relationships in more than one sense, in which the individual, the common, and the universal unite.

'Collected Memory' is partly a physical, interactive exhibition in the Media House Politikens Forhal, which is based on a large-scale installation in brass with folded, colored newsprint. Here, visitors can contribute to the work by sharing their experiences of being alone, loneliness and the longing to be part of a community on the papers and archive their individual experiences in the collective work. In addition, Politiken's light newspaper at the main squares of the City; City Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen, Vesterport, Nørreport, and Hans Knudsens Plads) are all part of the work during the exhibition period. A Politiken employee selects statements from the work every week so that the voice of the individuals get heard in the public space. The participators' memories and reflections are also included in Politiken's printed newspaper. All statements are stored in the archive and digitized via as a permanent and growing platform for a shared community of individual experiences, globally. 

Bridging the gap between art, people and society.

'Collected Memory' aims to create a platform for and an archive of a community across geography, gender, age, social heritage, etc. and seeking to provide a space and encourage to cultivate deeper contact with oneself in a community.



Watch the below video of Collected Memory at Politikens Forhal


I felt lonely my first day at school and was sure everything was wrong with me but I reacted as if I felt at home - and soon I forgot about it.
I feel lonely when im surround by many unfamiliar people and I tend to leave unnoticed.
I feel disconnected from others when I always have to be the initiator
I feel loneliness when I am overwhelmed by existential thoughts
I feel alone with my thoughts and problems as I dare not share them with anyone
I feel lonely when I see my friends hanging out om Instagram
I feel lonely new years eve and stress about getting invited to a party
I feel lonely when I Can see my friends are online but don’t answer my text
I feel lonely when I meet my childhood friends and realize I am not a child anymore
I feel lonely when I can’t recognize myself
I feel like I can’t escape my thoughts
I don’t feel safe when I’m by myself
I’m losing control over my body and mind
I’m scared of being alone with my thoughts
It helps when someone understands my trauma
It helps to have someone to talk to
I’m trying to stay calm and not let the anxiety control me
I’m just trying to breathe and tell myself I’m gonna be fine
I’m don't know who I really am
Loneliness means feeling distanced from myself